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Recruiters are able to publish jobs by providing the URL of an existing job, uploading a PDF or creating a new job ad via the wizard. Jobiqo’s flexible system allows you to customise this process for niche platforms, ensuring relevance for recruiters and job seekers.

Candidates can effortlessly find the jobs most suitable to them.  Using keywords or via the faceted search system a large number of jobs can be searched easily. If you stumble upon an interesting job, just bookmark it, so you can review it later.

Candidates have the option to save their search and automatically be alerted to new jobs via email. Jobiqo does the hard work here: You will notice more traffic at your site, delivering more applications and happy applicants. Reports show your open and click through rates.


A built in CV creator gives candidates the tools to build and showcase their CV. Resumes include in-depth information on the applicants’ education, work experience and job preferences. Jobiqo’s advanced skills management system enables you to customise your platform according to your niche.

The recruiter is able to filter the CVs using a faceted search system. Combined with full text search capabilities it offers the ability to quickly and accurately find the most suitable candidates.

This way, recruiters can stay up to date with new applicants when they register, matching CVs to their search criteria. Set daily or weekly notification email alerts to stay up to date!

SEO Optimizer

We help your job board get a higher rank in major search engines. SEO optimisation is deeply integrated into Jobiqo with semantic annotations and meta data.
Enjoy the benefits of making your jobs and resumes much more visible online!

Responsive Design

Our responsive base design theme leverages up-to-date technologies to provide a solid and fresh-looking experience for applicants and recruiters. The mobile-first approach ensures that the site will look good and perform well on mobile devices, tablets and desktop PCs.

Apply Online Workflow

We’ve developed a flexible applicant tracking solution which can be customised to fit your strategy. When applicants apply for jobs, recruiters will get an email notification which helps them immediately access the applicant’s resume. Recruiters and applicants are able to track the status of their responses and applications.


Lets companies create their own public profiles so they can present themselves and market their jobs more efficiently. Company profiles are a powerful tool for recruiters to market themselves and allow you to further monetise your platform with premium profiles.

The extended search capabilities within the jobiqo platform allow candidates to find companies that fit their exact industry and occupational field, and even show the company size. Applicants can easily find the companies most interesting to them based on their location and see who is currently hiring.


Our integrated tracking system enables platform owners to gather relevant statistics about jobs and applicants on the site and use this data to create meaningful reports. You can see for example the distribution of jobs across different categories and track which searches are the most popular among candidates.

Social Media

Your visitors publish jobs across trending social networks. We provide the integration points for various networks and the ability to customise this to your local requirements.

Billing System

A core part of Jobiqo is its flexible billing system. We’ve worked hard to provide you multiple options of how to monetise your job board platform efficiently. You can define your own upsell packages, so that the premium features on your platform will bring you additional value. This helps you stand out and allows professional recruiters to reach their intended audience in a better way.


Jobiqo makes it easy for applicants to get started quickly, guides them through the application process and keeps them up to date with our central applicant dashboard. From here, they will get an overview of recent activity and see which steps they still need to complete.

For recruiters we provide a stream of notifications and entry points to the most valuable sections of the job board. You can navigate quickly to manage jobs, company profiles, review incoming applications and access the billing system easily.


On demand, epiqo can provide its expertise for migrating existing content from a pre-existing job board onto the jobiqo platform. For an estimate of the complexity of transferring valuable data such as user accounts and existing resumes please contact us.

Integrated Ad System

Monetise your job board by integrating banner advertising on your platform. jobiqo understands what it takes to get noticed!


For recruiters we provide a stream of notifications and entry points to the most valuable sections of the job board. Quickly navigate to manage jobs, company profile, review incoming applications and access the billing system.


Candidates are able to join the talent pools of interesting companies or pre-defined groups to suit your customer’s niche. Our unique technology allows candidates to keep track of their favourite companies or groups, and also allows recruiters to keep in touch and engage with a pool of potential candidates to recruit from when required.

Education Offers

Increase the value of the platform to candidates by implementing more advanced business models offering educational courses. Based on knowledge about your candidates and in cooperation with partners, educational offers are a perfect supplement to increase your jobboard platform's success.

XML Job Interface

Our XML job interface allows you to integrate external jobs to your site, e.g. via HR-XML. This keeps your platform populated with jobs for visitors and helps partner companies keep their jobs up-to-date.

Job Parser

We add as much value to the crawled jobs as possible: Our job parsing technology has been developed with specific pre-defined categories for regions, skills or occupational fields that extract information from imported jobs which are annotated in a semantically meaningful way. This lets candidates search and filter more effectively.


Optimise your community engagement by sending automated emails to specific groups on your job board platform. Inform recruiters about upcoming discounts and increase their engagement with new applicants by emailing them with new information some weeks after their registration. Reports allow you to track your engagement and efficiency.

Geo-Based Search

Engage candidates by giving them the option to browse search results directly on a map. Searching by distance allows them to filter jobs in their region.

Job Widget

Form partnerships and create customised job search embeds that deliver the most relevant jobs to external websites, generating high-quality incoming traffic by redirecting visitors to your site only when they click on jobs.