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While searching for a niche job board software with cutting edge technology and a high level of usability, we finally found Jobiqo. The solution convinced us from the very beginning. The success of BME-JobSource as niche job board for procurement, supply chains and logistics shows that our clients also share this feedback.

Jutta Ohrnberger, BME-JobSource

We chose Jobiqo over a number of other suppliers in the market based on the comprehensive functionality the platform offers and their ability to deliver quickly. We needed to go to market with a fully functioning recruitment site in less than six weeks - with Jobiqo we achieved this easily.

Rob Paterson, SVP Classifieds, Motorsportjobs

The recruitment market in the book trade isn’t huge but with the Jobiqo upgrade we can give recruiters and candidates an experience that they would expect from a much bigger jobs market. We have a great track record in filling vacancies and the new site will only improve results further for our clients.

Nigel Roby, Chief Executive and Publisher, The Bookseller
Jobiqo Team

Meet the job board technology experts!

Our Core Team


Martin Lenz

Operations Manager

Barbara Steinkellner

Investment Manager Russmedia

Chris Wittlinger


Klaus Furtmueller

Head of Technology Operations

Klaus Purer

Head of Development & Innovation

Matthias Hutterer



Miroslav Michalicka


Oliver Habara


Almir Alitovic

Product Team

Product Owner

László Szabari

Software Developer

Oleksandr Oladko

AI/ML Advisor

Alexander Chukovski

API Advisor

Thomas Seidl

Software Developer

Joao Garin

Head of Product

Eva Freiberger

Software Developer

Antonio Kamber

Software Developer

Martin Malovanets


Sales Director

Ling Wu

Managing Director UK

Richard Essex

Business Development Specialist

Katherina Skripnik

Customer Success Management

Customer Success Manager

Klara Keck

Customer Success Analyst

Simon Borum

Head of Customer Success

Romy Goerke

Customer Success Manager

Julia Ratzenboeck

Customer Success Analyst

Florian Slamanig

Software Developer

Marta Marczak

Software Developer

Miha Bertoncelj

Software Developer

Milan Gurjanov

Software Developer

Janos Bodony

Software Developer

Nikolay Shapovalov

Configuration Manager

Sinduri Guntupalli

Software Developer

Andrii Cherednichenko

Customer Support Specialist

Annika Candy

Software Developer

Peter Lozovitskiy

Software Developer

Juraj Falat

Software Developer

Gregor Sykora

Customer Success Manager

Dino Halugic

Customer Support Specialist

Christian Daniliuc

Customer Success Management Intern

Dominika Sculz

Delivery Team

Software Developer

Andriy Khomych

Head of Delivery

Isabel Proell

Digital Project Manager

Sarah Baumgartner

Software Developer

Aurelian Zaha

Software Developer

Peter Hrabovcin

Data Migration Expert

Martin Klima

Digital Project Manager

Theresa Kranz

Dedicated Team

Senior Digital Project Manager - Lead Dedicated Team

Julia Steiner

Software Developer

David Peherstorfer

Software Developer

Ales Bencina

Digital Project Management Intern

Anita Filip


Team Assistant

Leon Orou

SEO Advisor

Dajana Doskoc


Daniela Ring

Perf. Mkt. Advisor

Hannes Kirchbaumer

DPO & Legal

Wolfgang Renzl

Office Assistant

Gabriela Parra-Cardenas

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More than a technology provider

Jobiqo is powering job boards and career sites of media brands, associations, staffing firms and direct employers in 18 countries worldwide with a growing, global team located in London, Vienna, Bratislava, Lisbon, Paris, Munich and Washington DC.

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