Being new at Jobiqo: from being a client to becoming a colleague

Being new at Jobiqo: from being a client to becoming a colleague

László Szabari - 14. March 2022

Being new to a company is always a very overwhelming and exciting experience at the same time. Our product owner László is happy to share his experience:


Can you tell us a little bit more about how you got to know Jobiqo in the first place, László?

It was already 2 years ago when my previous employer switched to Jobiqo’s job platform and I was assigned as a contact person towards them. The first impression about the team was that all colleagues were professionals and naturally kind. All meetings had a very positive atmosphere and a strong team spirit was present all the time. During that time I managed to get to know many people from management, development, and the customer success team and met some of them personally as well. This is what I saw from the outside, knowing nothing about being inside.


What motivated you to switch from being a client to Jobiqo as a colleague?

Last October an opportunity came to join the team. I watched a presentation about how Jobiqo is reorganizing the whole team and how product management will play a more important role than ever before. I used that opportunity and got in touch with Jobiqo management about joining them. My application went through and I was hired in January.


How can you apply your knowledge and bring added value to Jobiqo?

I had a good advantage: I knew the platform very well from the client's perspective. Still, I had to learn a lot and a new role is always stressful. It helped that I knew several people, but it was clear that onboarding is a difficult process for employers and employees as well.


How is the onboarding process so far?

The first positive surprise is a very well-organized, well-detailed checklist of all onboarding processes for all my new colleagues. The second surprise is a plan for video calls with all the people I’ll work with. “Is this really necessary?” I asked. “I was introduced and I’ll talk to them anyway when we start working.” It was only later that I realized what huge efforts were taken at Jobiqo to maintain a strong community even during this home office era.


"So even though the combination of a new position and working remotely felt like a challenge to me I am assured that I can take the time I need to get onboarded properly and I am getting all the support in every area that is possible."

László Szabari, Product Owner at Jobiqo


How do you feel now after a month at Jobiqo?

After more than a month now I start to feel like a useful part of the team. In these few weeks, I experienced how caring and mindful the Jobiqo team is. How obvious it is to share all ideas and problems openly and how important it is to communicate with each other in an honest but positive way. How motivating it is to recognize skills and to express gratitude. How powerful it is that Jobiqo works for people, not just for users “outside”, but people within the organization. I’m looking forward to working with the Jobiqo team now as part of the Jobiqo team.


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László Szabari, Product Owner at Jobiqo, has more than 15 years experience in media and advertising including more than 5 years in online recruitment to accelerate job board businesses and growth.


Photo: Belle Co/Pexels