Build vs. Buy Software Guide: Choosing Between Building or Buying Job Board Technology

Build vs. Buy Software Guide: Choosing Between Building or Buying Job Board Technology

Ling Wu, Aurelian Victor Cotuna - 19. September 2023
Job Boards Strategy

This guide will help you navigate the complex combination of factors that inform your decision-making process, helping you to focus on your core competencies that drive revenue.


Are you at a crossroads in your job board business journey? Unsure whether to build your job board software from scratch or invest in an existing solution? 

In today's competitive job board market, the decision to build or buy software can make or break your business. By understanding the nuances of each approach you can confidently steer your job board toward success. 

Download this guide to learn:

  • What is right for your strategy, with the help of our ultimate checklist
  • How to leverage ownership and individualisation to choose the right direction
  • How to seize the present and avoid hidden costs that in turn delay implementation


"Focusing too much on the wrong thing will distract you from focusing on the right thing"


"When purchasing the product, you take a massive benefit of the time and money already invested in developing the solution you are purchasing"


"Define what’s right for your job board business" 


Download your copy of our recently published Build versus Buy Job Board Software Guide

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