David Peherstorfer

Digital Project Manager

David joined the team in 2016 while he was still engaged in his master's degree in „Media and Human-Centered Computing” at the Vienna University of Technology. He already passed on his coding skills in numerous SmartNinja programming courses. Together with Antonia Hinterleitner and Julia Steiner he is part of the core project management team and thus often the first touchpoint for our clients. 

Even though things can get pretty busy right before or during a job board launch, David always manages to stay calm and focused. His enthusiasm for Asian martial arts and various yoga techniques certainly plays a major role in this context. 

His colleagues also benefit from David’s interest in healthy nutrition and an active lifestyle. As a certified Taekwondo trainer, he regularly invites the whole team to stretching sessions at the office in the afternoon. From the trainee to the management board, the entire team then comes together to have a short active break together. 

David also manages to make our clients feel safe and calm if there might be a technical problem onsite: First he gets them to calm down, then he tests and explains – and, if necessary, repairs a bug. His background in IT certainly helps to solve problems faster! 

During the holiday season, David enjoys traveling and is usually drawn far away - back to his home in Vorarlberg and beyond: to the coasts of France, Portugal or even Gran Canaria. Anyplace where he can leave safe ground, swim or stand on a surfboard.