Joao Garin

Usability Engineer

In 2013, Joao came to Vienna from native Portugal. At that time he had already worked for the consulting company Accenture in Lisbon for two years, leaving the company in 2010 to found his own web design agency. After an experience at a Viennese startup, Joao applied at Jobiqo and has been a crucial part of the team ever since. 

Joao is bringing fundamental knowledge in web development and user experience to Jobiqo and is cconstantly improving our interface and design. When he decided to move back to Portugal in 2017, Jobiqo’s management supported his decision under the condition that he will continue to work with us. This worked out great right from the beginning, and shows how remote-working can be organised: All you need is a clear distribution of tasks and daily updates via chat, as well as weekly team video calls and regular visits. The latter also works in the other direction, as the Jobiqo Team Retreat 2017 proved: That journey took us to Portugal, and Joao liked to walk us around his hood. 

The fact that Joao can work from home and doesn't have to travel to an office every day enables him to spend more time with his family. A significant benefit, as Joao says. Nevertheless, he enjoys visiting his Viennese Jobiqo family, and sharing the common passion for new technologies and innovative web solutions.

When he is not working Joao loves to spend a lot of time on the surfboard - a hobby he has cultivated since he was 13 years old. He also enjoys great dinners with his friends. And every now and then he enjoys a classic adventure game.