Klaus Furtmueller

Founder & Chairman

Klaus Furtmüller is a visionary, self-motivated person who continuously strives to develop innovative recruiting solutions. Since 2005 Klaus and his team have been developing the latest technologies for job boards. Klaus was the CEO and founder of Austria’s largest job board for university students and graduates, www.absolventen.at, as well as a project manager at Greiner. He has managed various consulting projects for large corporations such as Siemens, AVL and Engel in Austria, Germany and Canada. Since 2009 he has been the CEO of the AMC Austrian Management Center.

Intelligent, flexible and scalable solutions inspire this mechatronic engineer, who has studied at the University of Linz in Austria and the University of Waterloo in Canada. To gain a better understanding of the business side, Klaus also completed an MBA program and participated in a one-year international high-tech high-touch Venturelab entrepreneur program at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Klaus spent 5 years at a technical college for aeronautical engineering, and during his Masters thesis at the University of Waterloo and the Canadian Space Agency he improved the technical functionality of the Canadarm2. A UN peacekeeping mission motivated him to work for one year in Cyprus where he gained leadership experience as a lieutenant and was responsible for the communication center. Klaus is a passionate sportsman and has already completed several marathons, with a best time of 3h 15min. Triathlons, cycling and swimming keep Klaus busy too, and he also enjoys playing the piano.