Klaus Purer

Head of Technology Operations

Klaus Purer not only was one of Jobiqo's first employees, but is also one of the most active members of the Austrian Drupal community. Several times a year he takes part in international Drupal developer conferences, repeatedly also as a lecturer. For example, in June 2019 he participated in the "Drupal Developer Days Transylvania" in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, and in the Netherlands in October 2019 for the Drupalcon Amsterdam. 

At Jobiqo, Klaus leads the software development team and is responsible for data integration, web services and system administration, as well as deployment management, web application security and quality assurance. Born in Carinthia, he is a graduate of the Vienna University of Technology, where he holds a degree in computer science.

Klaus' passion for open source software is also evident in his daily business: He loves to work with free tools at Jobiqo. This ranges from Debian Linux configurations to Drupal development for the next version of our software. In addition, he is also interested in the tools related to software development – for example Git for version control and Drush and PHPUnit for automatic testing of software functionality. Klaus is also in charge of Coder, Drupal's coding standards implementation. In the past he was significantly involved in the development of Drupal's REST API and now focuses on the connection of the GraphQL module in Drupal.

His ongoing exchange with the open source community is not only beneficial to Jobiqo as a company, but also helps the whole team as well as our clients. Klaus is particularly interested in supporting young talents: He is always in close contact with our interns whom he turns into successful developers. Also, Klaus is the first counterpart for numerous Jobiqo freelancers in Austria and abroad, and he produces legendary screencasts to assist the development team. One of Klaus' strengths is the fast detection of any problems in software development and helps to solve even the most complicated bugs.

His hobbies include a keen engagement with programming languages. For example, Klaus is currently experimenting with Rust for system-oriented programming.