Radoslav Terezka


In February 2019, Rado started as a software developer at Jobiqo, while previously having worked with us on various projects. He supports the development team from the Jobiqo location in Bratislava, but also regularly visits our Vienna headquarter. In the past, Rado worked for several IT companies as a developer and was able to acquire extensive expertise, especially in Drupal and PHP programming. In 2011 he completed his Master's degree in Business Informatics at Ekonomická univerzita v Bratislave. 

In his role as Drupal Backend Developer, Rado develops automated test environments with Behat for Jobiqo to ensure the quality assurance of our software solutions. Continuing Integration (CI) workflows and code style checks also play an important role in his daily work, as does writing Bash scripts within Jenkins.

Rado enjoys working in the „friendly and very experienced” Jobiqo team. He particularly appreciates the challenge of working with cutting-edge technologies such as GraphQL and Drupal 8. He likes the opportunity to work only four days a week. Especially because this makes it possible for him to pursue his many hobbies: Hiking, roller skating, table tennis and the modern variations of a „treasure hunt“, geocaching and Munzee. On top of that, a 4-day week leaves enough time he is happy to spend with his daughter, wife and family.