Thomas Seidl

Consultant Search API

Thomas joined – a former company of Jobiqo founder Klaus Furtmüller – in fall 2007, via a project at Vienna’s Technical University. After completing his master's degree in Computer Science and a bachelor's degree in Technical Physics, Thomas has been successfully self-employed as a Drupal developer for many years now. 

He continues to contribute his valuable expertise to Jobiqo. Especially in the area of Drupal Search API - his own development - as search algorithms and everything that technically belongs to it (Solr, Autocomplete, Saved Searches) have become his area of expertise. Thomas also has some experience with Views, Elasticsearch, Symfony and Java programming as well as with React and Android. He particularly appreciates the good team spirit when working with Jobiqo. 

In addition to sports – jogging, football, tennis, skiing – as well as dancing, hiking and video games, Thomas also enjoys free diving. With a previous personal record of 4 minutes and 42 seconds without breathing, he has trained himself a true kind of calmness – and of course a good resistance to stress. Another passion is literature: Douglas Adams, the author of the „Hitchhiker" series, as well as Jasper Fforde are amongst his favourite writers. In addition, Thomas also volunteers for the Red Cross‘s blood donation Service.