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Kurier Digital is one of Austria’s largest online media publishers. Supported by JOBIQO, Kurier Digital has recently relaunched its platform for digital jobs - job.kurier.at. The board features more than 3,000 job ads and enables easy cross-referencing of relevant content. Together with JOBIQO, Kurier Digital’s team has successfully launched the new and much improved jobs.kurier.at. The migration process for transferring existing data was completed in just a few weeks. Now, JOBIQO supports Kurier as a strategic partner in developing innovative digital services.


Focus on Self-Service and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The job market is an important aspect of business for Kurier, who cater fully to the needs of both businesses and job seekers. For this reason, they required specific features and state of the art technology for their site: responsive web design, an interface for both businesses and partners that seamlessly integrates with kurier.at visually and technically, search engine optimization, multi-language capability, enhanced self-service features for businesses, and automated billing to increase efficiency.


On the other hand, innovative features were also needed to bring in more jobseekers. These included the automated import of CVs via XING and via uploaded PDF documents, JOBIQO's intelligent matching software that connects job seekers with relevant job offers, as well as the capability of connecting job ads with context-sensitive content. As a result of theses additional features  campaigns conducted by businesses are optimized and the connection with advanced training platforms generates new revenue streams.


Individual Publisher’s Solution Implemented Quickly

With extensive prior knowledge of publishing houses and the wider publishing industry, JOBIQO was able to rapidly implement all features needed by Kurier Digital within just a few months. The demo version of JOBIQO’s online platform demonstrated its strengths and capabilities during the evaluation phase, with all of Kurier's additional requirements being finalized quickly and new solutions tested immediatly.


Kurier first contacted JOBIQO in May 2015, the demand definition of our software was first tested in June 2015, and the new job board was finalized and launched just a few months later, in October 2015. The expertise of JOBIQO and the quality of our software platform reduced Kurier's project risk, and project completion time, to a minimum.

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