Research & Development

Research & Development

We invest heavily in innovation to improve our intelligent matching technology and job board experience. We have successfully finished various research papers and three major research projects in collaboration with notable universities. This research has enabled us, and continues to assist us, in creating leading innovations in our industry. 

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Research partners

Our partners helped us to perform high quality research & create leading innovations, and supported with research funding. 

Leading innovation

In order to become the leading technology innovator in the HR tech and job board industry, the team at JOBIQO has researched and published various scientific papers over the past years.


Current research:


  • Machine Learning in Job Classification
  • Context Aware Semantic Matching
  • Behavioral Targeting of Passive Job Seekers
  • Service Composition for Data Driven Services 

Breaking: JOBIQO receives significant research funding for AI

Completed work for JOBIQO:

  • Locating and classification of job postings using crawling and information extraction 
    (Rober Fuehrricht)
  • Information processing of HTML-documents for automated processing of job postings
    (Florian Gusenbauer)
  • Integrating collaborative services to semi-automatically extending taxonomies
    (Martin Lenz)
  • Development of an information system for semantic annotation of job postings with GATE (General Architecture for Tex Engineering) 
    (Marc Kurz)
  • Enhancing a Job Recommender with Implicit User Feedback 
    (Matthias Hutterer)
  • Event-Condition-Action rules for distributed content management 
    (Wolfgang Ziegler)
  • Web Service Composition in Drupal
    (Klaus Purer)
  • Web-Crawler evaluation with reference to Deep Web 
    (Andreas Dini, Philipp Lehner)
  • Nondestructive generic data transformation pipelines 
    (Jakob Petsovits)
  • Online service platforms in the recruiting area 
    (Michael Oppermann, Daniel Krennmayr)
  • Analysis of corporate websites of Austrian small and medium-sized businesses with reference to their use in the e-recruiting are
    (Anna-Maria Kollegger)
  • Using technology for global talent recruitment: Why HR/OB scholars need IS knowledge
    (Dr. Dr. Elfi Furtmüller)
  • Semi-automated enriching ontologies: a case study in the e-Recruiting domain 
    (Joost Wolfswinkel)
  • Academic continuing education in Austria: Status and prospect with reference to the amendment of the act on academic education at the end of 2012 
    (Ingrid Schmid)
  • Geocluster: Server-side clustering in Drupal based on Geohash 
    (Josef Dabernig)