Job board owners should attend these conferences in the first half of 2024

Job board owners should attend these conferences in the first half of 2024

Jobiqo - 12. February 2024
Recruiting Conferences Events Highlights 2024

Every year there are so many conferences to attend, especially in the HR and job market industry there are so many that it is always difficult to decide which ones are the best for you to attend!

In the past year 2023, Jobiqo attended over 20 different conferences globally and we have checked the formats for you.  Here are our top picks for existing and aspiring job board owners for the first half of 2024. To make it easier to find the right conference for you to attend we also added a short description:


Job Board Connect Live with Jobiqo CEO Martin Lenz (February 5th, online, free)watch the replay if you have missed it!

Focus: Global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards

Louise Triance and Martin Lenz speak about the Top Trends Shaping the Job Board Industry in 2024 


Job Board Con (March 5th, online, tickets for 59$) hosted by Chris Russell and sponsored by Jobiqo

Focus: North America and global, new job boards

Job board owners are invited to join and enhance their knowledge of the latest operations and marketing tactics in the industry. The agenda includes sessions on a Job Board Makeover Case Study, Content Strategies for Niche Boards, an interview with the founder of (Nick LeRoy) and more.


RecBuzz (April 16 - 17th in Barcelona) - get a 200 EUR discount with our code JOBIQO200 

Focus: Global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards

RecBuzz Conference is a key gathering in recruitment, addressing industry changes and strategies for staying ahead and organised by the AIM Group. The event offers valuable networking opportunities with potential partners, investors, and industry experts. Attendees engage in discussions on topics and opportunities in recruitment platforms. The format of this conference aims to connect the players in the market and provide valuable insights into navigating the evolving recruitment landscape. The conference is held annually in different cities in Europe and this year it will be in Barcelona. 


Job Boards Connect (held twice a year in London, one on May 16th and the second one on October 3rd) - get a 15% discount on your tickets with our code Jobiqo15 

Focus: UK and global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards

The Spring event is without doubt held in the most interesting format: No PowerPoint or formal presentations, just conversation and learning with industry, technology, sales and marketing experts. Job Boards Connect is organising the DJAx Digital Job Advertising Excellence Awards as a side event this year on May 16th in the evening which is an additional way for job boards and vendors to get extra accreditation for their impact on the job market.

The October conference is with keynote speakers, panels and discussions on stage from Job Board leaders and experts.

The organizers behind the Job Boards Connect Conference, Louise Grant and Louise Triance, are highly respected figures in the online recruitment industry, advocating for the growth and development of job boards and the online recruitment space with extensive careers in the field.


TAtech North America & the World Job Board Forum (June 4th - 6th in Washington DC) - get a 10% discount on your tickets with the code tatech10

Focus: North America and global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards, recruiting tech and HR tech

The TAtech North America & The World Job Board Forum is a unique conference dedicated to job boards, talent marketplaces, and various talent technology solutions. In its 17th year, it stands out as the only event solely focused on the challenges and opportunities for talent technology providers, covering ATS, CRM, conversational AI, recruitment advertising, marketing, and assessment products. Unlike typical HR events, the conference boasts real-world experienced business leaders as speakers, ensuring a relevant and practical conversation.


Digital Marketplaces Association (June 5th - 7th in Vienna) - get a 15% discount on your tickets with our code JOBIQO@DMA

Focus: Global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards, and classifieds

The Digital Marketplaces Association (DMA) conference provides an intimate and collaborative environment for international leaders in digital marketplaces fostering knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, and networking opportunities among major industry players, startups, and disruptors.


European Publishing Congress (June 19th - 20th in Vienna)

Focus: Germany, Austria and Switzerland, recruiting marketplaces and publishers (German-speaking event)

The European Publishing Congress features the best media professionals in Europe presenting their strategies and discussing the industry's future.


So, meet our Jobiqo team at these conferences and chat with our experts! We are looking forward to an exciting first half of 2024!

Stay tuned for more and follow us on Linkedin to get notified of our top picks for the second half of the year.


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