Job Board Trends for 2024 - From Programmatic Job Advertising to AI and UX

Job Board Trends for 2024 - From Programmatic Job Advertising to AI and UX

Martin Lenz - 29. January 2024
Online-Stellenmarkt Trends 2024

The labour market has undergone profound changes, and this dynamic brings new challenges and opportunities for job boards. In this blog article, we highlight some of our anticipated trends for 2024 and how we expect to continue building the best job board software globally.

Change in the Labour Market and Its Significance for Job Boards

The shift towards an employee's market has direct implications for job boards. It's more important than ever that job boards not only act as platforms for job postings but also as active partners for recruiting solutions, ranging from employer branding to the implementation of smart candidate acquisition strategies. Job boards must adapt to the needs and values of applicants while simultaneously supporting companies in filling positions efficiently and effectively.

Generating reach and performance has taken a central role in 2023. We launched Jobiqo AIR with a massive investment and have created an automated, transparent and cost-efficient solution (One-Stop-Shop) for job boards. It is bundling all channels from job aggregators to social media and display networks in an AI-supported programmatic solution.

Many Jobiqo customers have already started using this tool to effectively improve performance for jobs. We will continue to invest in this area - among many others - to keep customers competitive.


Trend 1: Adaptation to Demographic Change and Skills Shortage

Despite the recession, which leads to a general reduction in job volume, we see a rising skills shortage and a shift to an employee market. We will continue to support our customers in improving employer branding strategies and developing effective talent acquisition methods to help our client's employer customers position as attractive employers in this dynamic economic environment and boost revenue growth with new products.


Trend 2: Marketing Trends and Diversified Monetisation

Given changing market requirements, Jobiqo supports clients in developing and implementing improved monetisation strategies. The trend is moving from pure job posting sales to holistic concept sales, which includes strategic customer support from branding products to optimised social media campaigns for attracting passive candidates along so-called "candidate funnels".


Trend 3: Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a Driver of Innovation

2023 turned the market upside down with ChatGPT. Suddenly, all market participants had a much more powerful AI tool at their disposal than even large corporations with massive investments had before. Jobiqo has been working on AI applications since 2017 and continues to build many more effective use cases on the roadmap for 2024. Jobiqo helps job boards effectively use AI technologies while simultaneously complying with regulatory requirements such as the GDPR or the new AI Act.


Trend 4: Programmatic Advertising and PMAX Google Job Ads (JA)

The launch of Jobiqo AIR has already led to a massive improvement in click and application performance on job platforms for those customers who use this new service. Getting more transparency and a broader mix of channels to use, including the ability to leverage social media channels to tap into a broader audience of passive candidates, while automating the whole traffic acquisition process, will be a key differentiator of leading programmatic job advertising solutions like Jobiqo AIR.

Update 2 February: We expected Google to set additional impulses in performance marketing with PMAX in 2024 via its new Google Job Ad (JA) product which was in alpha tests for almost 12 months in North America  (Jobiqo AIR planned to integrate this option). However, Google informed its partners in the alpha test phase in early February that the Google Job Ads (JA) would be discontinued after the test phase end of March due to the lack of satisfaction of its partners. We will share more thoughts on the potential reasons and the (missing) effect on the online recruitment market in a separate post. 


Trend 5 - Optimisation of User Experience

We have started to evaluate more data along the user journey and work with suggestions for improving the candidate journey on the job platform. Options like a Quick-Apply functionality and WhatsApp applications will bring additional increases in engagement and conversion numbers in 2024. Jobiqo has built on a mobile-first and candidate-centric UX strategy for a very long time already and as the vast majority of job seekers use mobile, this will continue to be a focus topic to create the best job board performance. 


Customer-Oriented Collaboration

How do we plan to achieve all this? Last year, we had many conversations, received valuable feedback, and were able to create more interactions through the higher frequency of touchpoints and newsletters. We strive to work in a customer-oriented way and product-leg growth to build outstanding job board solutions for our customers, gaining maximum reach, performance and monetisation in an ever-challenging market environment. 

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