Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Jobiqo - 1. January 2018
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The development of our company and the Jobiqo software are repeatedly covered by the media. The following is a brief overview from the recent past.


The AIM Group on RMI's investment investment in Jobiqo[Oct. 2019]


CEO Martin Lenz in Trending Topics on Jobiqo's Smart Matching-Technology [Oct. 2019]

Der Brutkasten on RMI's investment in Jobiqo. [Oct. 2019]

Vorarlberger Nachrichten/ on RMI's investment in Jobiqo[Oct. 2019] on a public discussion on Employer Branding with Martin Lenz[May 2019]

Crosswater Job Guide on the launch of Schwäbische Jobs. [May 2019]

Der Brutkasten on launching it's new job board with Jobiqo. [March 2019]

Crosswater Job Guide talked about Online-Recruiting with Martin Lenz. [Jan. 2019]

Der Brutkasten wrote about how Klaus Furtmüller founded and built Jobiqo totally without VC investments. [Oct. 2018]

Börsenblatt on the launch of [Oct. 2018]

Der Brutkasten interviewed Wolfgang Kowatsch of myAbility about launching a job board with Jobiqo[Oct. 2018]

Der Standard asked Martin Lenz about algorithms and smart matching in digital recruiting. [April 2018]

Crosswater Job Guide on Jobiqo and it's technology[April 2018]

Die Wirtschaft was interested in our FFG-founded research project. [March 2018]

Der Brutkasten on Jobiqo's research. [Feb. 2018]

The Chad & Cheese Podcast is all about recruiting technology and talked about RMI's investment in Jobiqo in a very funny episode (starting around minute 20). [Nov. 2019]

Jobiqo-CEO Martin Lenz was invited and interviewed by Matt Alder ("Recruiting Future“-Podcast. [Oct. 2019]


Job Board Secrets is a YouTube-channel by Chris Russell, who invited "our man in London", Managing Director Richard Essex, for an interview. [Dec. 2019]

Martin Lenz was interviewed by Eva Zils (ONLINE-recruiting.NET) at Job Board Summit 2019. [Nov. 2019]

Der Brutkasten visited our Vienna office and talked about RMI's investment wit founder Klaus Furtmüller, CEO Martin Lenz RMI Investment Manager Chris Wittlinger[Oct. 2019]

Martin Lenz was interviewed by Talentwunder at „Zukunft Personal“ fair in Cologne. [Feb. 2019]