Bernhard Madlener

Senior Enterprise Journalist

Neither the digital job market nor any smart recommendation techniques played a role in Bernhard's recruiting. Instead, Managing Director Martin Lenz met him in February 2018 at an international start-up event in Vienna, the FounderTalks. Due to Bernhard's interest in everything that has to do with getting the right people to the right jobs, Martin and Bernhard came up with an additional to Jobiqo’s support: the Jobiqo Content Service. Bernhard‘s professional background as a journalist was crucial for this development. 

Bernhard has been working in the large field of content creation since 2002. He knows the Austrian blogger scene very well and has a rich experience in journalism, PR and social media. His years as an editor for the „Karrieren-Standard“ and as a press spokesman for the BFI Wien are of particular benefit to him. Further professional experiences included Grüne Wirtschaft, „Die Furche“ and Österreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag.

Jobiqo's „Content as a Service” offer now focuses on professional copywriting for job boards and digital career platforms. New unique content generates new readers and increases the job board’s performance in search engines such as Google. In particular, employer branding for job market advertisers is ultimately becoming more important and is a new source of monetization for job board operators. In addition, the company is experimenting with supplementary audiovisual content.

In his free time, Bernhard enjoys riding his bicycle, jumping into the „Old“ Danube, visiting concerts, reading an exciting book or dedicating himself to street photography.

Twitter: @MadlenerB
Instagram: @MadlenerB