Matthias Hutterer

Head of Development & Innovation

Matthias was among the first employees of the company: Even before founder Klaus Furtmüller set up Jobiqo GmbH (named epiqo in the beginning), Matthias contributed with his knowledge. His comprehensive expertise is based on his studies of Business Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology, where Matthias specialized in the areas of Internet Computing and Semantic Web. And, of course, on his many years of experience.

As a software developer, Matthias is responsible for the architecture and further development of Jobiqo. This is currently also being promoted in a comprehensive research project, which is supported by the Austrian Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft (FFG) with over 230,000 Euro. Jobiqo benefits from the special interest Matthias has in search and recommendation services: The future software version „Jobiqo 8”, which will be the result of our research, and combines the successful Smart Matching system with the latest developments from the field of artificial intelligence. Jobiqo clients will then be able to offer their advertisers and job-seeking users completely new services. 

Matthias has also been an important member of the Drupal community for many years and is responsible for the launch of popular Drupal modules such as „Email Field” or „Taxonomy Manager”. The latter originated from Matthias' participation in the "Google Summer of Code” project in 2007. Later he again took part in the „Summer of Code” as a mentor for young students. 

In spring 2019, Matthias, who commutes several times a month from his home in Linz to the Vienna Jobiqo headquarter in Vienna, took on a very special new project: After the birth of his daughter he balances his time between family and career. ID: mh86 (