Flexible Architecture

Maximum flexibility with modular
job board architecture

JOBIQO provides individual "building blocks" that can be structured and customized to suit your needs. With more than 50 modules, we rank among the most feature rich vendors.


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Jobs features

Best user experience for job seekers and companies on your job board

CV Creation, Job Search, Social Media Import and Job Alerts for Job Seekers

With JOBIQO, the user experience for job seekers is better than ever. The integrated Faceted Search and Matching Technology allows applicants to easily explore the job market and discover relevant offers easily, including options to bookmark job ads and apply online. The built-in résumé (CV) creator helps job seekers to create their résumé directly with the aid of an input mask or to upload it directly as a file. JOBIQO enables users to use Social Media like LinkedIn or XING to automatically prefill their profile. Users can choose to be kept up to date with relevant job offers by activating the job alert function (email).

Job Creation, CV Search and CV Alert for Companies

Companies and recruiters can choose to upload their recruitment advertisements as a PDF file, link them via URL or create the ads directly on the job board with the aid of a smart form. Due to flexible classification possibilities, the job listings can be individually adjusted to special requirements. You can enable companies to search for CVs in a similar way to how job seekers search for jobs, and even create automatic CV Alerts.

Company Profile and Company Search

Employer branding is a crucial element in attracting the best talent. JOBIQO enables to create company profiles with ease on any job board. Job seekers can then search and browse these profiles easily.

Intelligent Matching Technology and Geo Search

We have invested more than 10 years in continuous research to create an intelligent Matching Engine based on vector search and high-performing databases. The possible search functions include Geo-Based Search (Google Geo API).

Job search

Increase global reach of your site

Improve organic reach through responsive design, SEO Optimizer and Google for Jobs

All of our sites are mobile optimized using state of the art technology to create a great user experience on all devices. Responsive Design is rapidly becoming one of the most important factors in improving Google Page Ranking. We regularly check Google Page Speed to continuously improve and maintain our sites. The built-in Search Engine Optimizer helps all JOBIQO clients to create optimized content that will increase organic reach. Recent developments like Google for Jobs are already integrated for all our clients.

Grow globally through Multi-Site, Multi-Language and Multi-Currency Support*

Increasing reach by continuously growing in a global digital community is made easy with JOBIQO. We support the creation of multiple platforms and support multilingual sites, without limitations. We even make it easy to handle country-specific commercial requirements by supporting different currencies.

Foster inclusion with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility support 

Making sites accessible for people with disabilities is essential to the future of online services. For this reason, we have made our software fully accessible in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 AA standards. We are the first fully accessible job board software vendor in the market.

(* features only available in Enterprise Version)  

Engagement features

Boost user engagement on your talent platform

Growing the number of interactions between job seekers and companies is crucial for talent marketplaces. JOBIQO provides various features to support this requirement.

Online Application and Social Media

JOBIQO's built-in online applications functionalities make communication between applicants and companies effortless. Pushing job listings on social media (e.g. Facebook) allows your platform to leverage the full potential of social network channels.

Newsletter and Video Application *

Stay in touch with your stakeholders by using our Newsletter services. Statistics show that relevant mailing significantly improves Click-Through-Rates (CTR) and reduces bounce rates. Our innovative Video Application features allow job seekers record or upload individual videos, so that they have the opportunity to present themselves personally and leave a lasting impression with potential employers.

Course Board Integration for passive job seekers*

Our Course Board Integration feature allows our clients co cooperate with education partners, growing a real talent marketplace, not just for jobs but also for relevant training. When integrated into your JOBIQO job board platform, this service will attract passive job seekers and enable additional opportunities to monetize your job board.

Intelligent Recommender *

By using a personalized search, JOBIQO's smart matching algorithm links applicants with the most relevant jobs that correspondent to their specific requirements and individual skills. Moreover, recruiters benefit from the recommender system, which automatically suggests the most suitable job seeker profiles and CVs for their current vacancies. This feature combines various research projects in HR, semantic technology and high-performing databases to create a unique and innovative service that can be monetized on your platform.

(* features only available in Enterprise Version)


Monetize your job board and increase revenue streams

JOBIQO has developed a flexible customizable billing system with different payment gateways, which is an essential part of our strategy for successful job platforms.

Integrated Billing System

Our integrated billing system lets you handle the financial side of business with your clients smoothly, creating a user-friendly recruitment advertising experience. Ask us for additional integration options to augment your organization's existing commercial systems.

Customizable Products

Create unique products to support your sales team in gaining market share in a highly competitive recruitment advertising market. Ask for our best practices in product development. More complex products can be created on demand on a custom basis.

Payment Gateway*

We are able to integrate credit card, and other common payment gateways, on demand to make your job board's revenue streams as efficient as possible.

Ad Partner Integration*

Monetize your job board by integrating advertising banners into the platform. JOBIQO knows what it takes to get noticed and drive up additional revenue.

(* features only available in Enterprise Version)


Integration possibilities of the platform

XML Interface*

Using our generic XML-interface, we are able to offer flexible and efficient import and export functionalities. Populate your recruitment advertising platform with job listings from partners (e.g. aggregators, job feeds, backfill etc.) or provide your own data to create a monetizable job feed. Ask our experts to learn more about our best practices for interface functionalities.

Social Media Login and Single Sign-On (SSO)*

Make the customer journey as smooth and user-friendly as possible using our social media login functionality (LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, Google). If you want to offer backend admins their own secure network environment as well , we offer Single Sign-On (SSO) options for the platform.

Job Parser and CV Parser*

Job listings that are imported via various data types and structures (aka url link, PDF, HTML) can have a negative effect on the user experience. Our Job Parsing function reads the data of any imported job listing and converts this data to a responsive format, making them accessible on mobile devices. We also offer (external) CV parsing services to speed up structured profile creation for job seekers.

Context sensitive Job Widget*

Imagine you could integrate job board functionality throughout different parts of your content platform (e.g. next to news articles), and in doing so, utilize the smart matching service in an unobtrusive way for all customers? With our Job Widget, you can do just that, leveraging your entire content platform to target passive job seekers and create additional conversion opportunities.

Migration Services for legacy platforms*

The integrity of customer data, user accounts, and applicant profiles are vital when creating a successful job portal. We are able to migrate relevant content from your existing job board to your new JOBIQO platform. Benefit from our vast experience with migrating legacy job platforms to the new world.

(* features only available in Enterprise Version)

Analytics image

Analytics and Performance Management

Basic Analytics

JOBIQO offers a tracking system and generates statistics on jobs and applicant profiles. Get insights into the performance of your platform and user behavior.

Advanced Analytics

Based on the existing analytics platform, we create advanced analytics and reports for your individual needs. Additional smart dashboards, presented via easy-to-understand graphics, enhance the usability of the reporting service.

Job Ad Performance Management (Alerting)*

Monitoring job ad performance (conversions, views), and reacting to any performance issues with your recruitment advertisements, will be the key to staying one step ahead of your competitors and to maintaining a sustainable sales cycle on your platform. In addition to Advanced Analytics, you can also add performance alerts to stay informed and resolve any issues before your customers have the chance to notice them.

(* features only available in Enterprise Version)

Security image

GDPR ready job board software

We take data security and legal regulations very seriously and we are determined thrive to provide solutions that let you sleep well at night.

SSL and Server Monitoring

If you choose to host the platform on our dedicated servers, we are able to ensure a secure environment, using SSL and 24/7 monitoring by our trusted server management partner, Codeenigma.


Further, we offer two-factor-authentication for backend admin logins to increase data security for your site.

Security Team

Our team includes IT security experts who have even contributed to the Drupal Security team. We are continuously updating the open source stack with the latest security updates.


The recent change to EU regulations regarding data security took affect for our clients in the European Union in May 2018. We anticipated these new requirements, creating solutions for our job board software and recruitment solution that comply fully with the GDPR laws. With our Data Privacy Officer (DPO) in place, we were ready for the new legislation and can ensure all of our clients that we will maintain these high standards.



Our solution builds on Open Source Drupal 7. We created a fully modular architecture that enables us to add Enterprise modules to your platform at any time, even in later stages of the life cycle. Based on this modern technology stack we can easily customize all of our features to your specific requirements. Customizations cover design and functional requirements. If you are interested in a customized job board, we are happy to chat about your requirements and create a custom implementation offer.

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