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Job Creator

The easy and user-friendly handling is an essential characteristic of our job platforms. Companies and recruiters can just upload their job advertisements as PDF file, link them via URL or create the ads directly on the job board with the aid of a form. Due to flexible classification possibilities, the employment ads can be individually adjusted to special requirements.

Job Browser

With jobiqo, job hunting is fun. The integrated Faceted Search Technology allows applicants to explore the job market and discover appropriate offers easily. Having found an interesting advertisement, applicants can bookmark it in order to take a closer look at a later time.

Job Agent

Searching for a job might be quite exhausting. However, jobiqo facilitates the tiring application marathon, offering a job agent appropriate to the applicant’s CV and individual requirements. Subscribing to the job agent, the applicant will be informed periodically about relevant offers.


An appealing résumé is essential for a good applicant profile. Jobiqo provides an in-built résumé creator, which allows applicants to create their résumé directly with the aid of an input mask or upload it as pdf, doc or docx file. Furthermore, applicants can also sign in using a social media profile such as Linkedin or Xing. Doing so, jobiqo automatically imports the existing CV.

A good résumé does not only benefit the applicants themselves, but also makes it easier for employers to find the appropriate employees. Jobiqo allows recruiters to filter the CVs by relevant skills and qualifications. During this process, of course the applicants remain anonymous.

SEO Optimizer

We help your job board rank higher in the major search engines. An essential part of the jobiqo technology is the semantic annotation and metadata, which enables SEO optimization. In this way, the visibility of vacancies and résumés on your platform will be increased.

Responsive Design

Creating our job portals we count on appealing and accessible design. Our responsive base theme provides applicants and recruiters with user-friendly tools on all mobile devices. We constantly develop our fronted technologies to guarantee a homogeneous user experience. In this way, the job or applicant search is a pleasant experience, whether on the computer, tablet or smartphone.

Online Application

Jobiqo has developed a flexible and extendable solution for your applicant tracking system (ATS). For their application, applicants can either use the online application form on the career portal or are redirected to the respective company application system. The recruiter is automatically informed about recent applications and can directly access the applicant’s profile. The comment function allows the recruiter and the applicant to communicate. Of course, both parties can constantly follow the development of the application process.


Your portal can become an efficient marketing platform for companies. With a public company profile, enterprises can present themselves and have an advantage over competitors. The profile allows companies to reinforce their own mark and advertise current vacancies. Moreover, you can take additional profit from premium company profiles.

The optimized search function of the jobiqo platform is also a benefit for applicants. They can filter their search by occupational field as well as company size and find companies that conform to their ideas and requirements. In this way, applicants do not only discover interesting companies but also come to know their vacancies.


Providing a jobiqo career platform you benefit from the integrated tracking system, which generates statistics on jobs and applicant profiles. In this way, you get insights in the different parameters such as the distribution of jobs by categories or the most frequently searched terms.

Social Media

Your site visitors can share jobs on various social media channels. We provide integration points for diverse networks and can also customize them to your specific requirements. This will increase visibility in social networks and draw applicants’ and recruiters’ attention to your job platform.

Billing System

A job board does not work without the right tool for monetization. Therefore, jobiqo has developed a flexibly customizable billing system with different payment gateways, which is an essential part of our strategy for successful job platforms. As a foretaste of the jobiqo portal, you can provide new customers with the freemium model. The upselling packages contain additional functions, which make the job search even more comfortable. Moreover, also recruiters appreciate our job portal, which has been developed to facilitate the search for applicants.


The compact dashboard facilitates applicants to get started. It guides them through the application process and helps them create their application. Moreover, the dashboard provides the applicants with an overview of current activities to keep the applicant up-to-date.

Additionally, the dashboard supplies recruiters with relevant information. Due to the quick access to important sections such as job management, company profiles, applicant tracking system and billing, companies keep track of the application processes as well as important news.


The integrity of customer data, user accounts and applicant profiles are the value of a successful job portal. Upon request, epiqo provides the migration of content from your pre-existing job board to your new jobiqo platform. The expense of this service depends on the amount of data and the complexity of your existing job portal. Please contact us for a cost assessment.

Integrated Ad System

Monetize your job board by integrating advertising banners into the platform. Jobiqo knows what it takes to get noticed and drive additional revenue!


Our user-friendly job board supports applicants finding relevant jobs and assists recruiters searching for the appropriate applicant. With the aid of personalized search, jobiqo’s elaborate matching algorithm proposes to applicants exactly the jobs that perfectly meet their specific requirements and individual skills. Moreover, also the recruiters benefit from the recommender system, which suggests applicant CVs appropriate to their vacancies.


Jobiqo’s soft recruiting technology enables the noncommittal exchange between applicants and recruiters. Candidates can join the talent pools of companies or pre-defined niche groups in which they are interested. Our unique technology allows candidates to keep track of their companies or groups of interest. Furthermore, it allows recruiters to keep in touch and engage with a pool of potential candidates to recruit from when required.

Advanced Training

As appealing additional service, you can offer advanced training in cooperation with education partners. Integrated in your jobiqo platform, this service addresses applicants who are not only searching for a new job, but also wish to upgrade their education. In this way, your job platform will be the perfect interface between applicants, companies and education partners.

XML Job Interface

In order to remain interesting for applicants, your job portal should be constantly updated and provided with recent vacancies. For this purpose we have generated a job interface that reads job offers from any desired source, e.g. via HR-XML. This keeps your platform populated with current vacancies and helps company customers keep their job offers up-to-date.

Job Parser

We have developed a job parsing technology that extracts various metadata from imported job offers. The job parser detects predefined categories such as regions, skills or occupational fields and assigns them automatically. The semantical annotation allows to propose to applicants the vacancies that perfectly meet their interests and specific requirements. Consequently, candidates are able to filter and search more effectively.


Optimize your community management by sending automated emails to the different groups on your job board providing them with specific information. In this way you can inform recruiters about upcoming discounts and other interesting news. Furthermore, the applicants will be as well provided with useful information. They just need to subscribe to the newsletter when signing up. In order that you keep track of your newsletter campaign, the reporting system constantly informs you about its efficiency.

Geo-Based Search

Being connected to Google Places API, the jobiqo career platform has the geographic coordinates necessary for proximity search. In this way, applicants can easily discover available jobs in their region.

Job Widget

In order to draw attention to your job platform and to make applicants aware of it, it is important to share job advertisements on external websites. The job widget helps you export certain parts of your portal and provide them for other suppliers. To this end, you just need to choose, with the aid of snippets, those job ads that are relevant for the respective external website. In this way, you arrest attention and redirect new visitors and potential applicants to your job board.