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Jobs for buying agents, supply chain managers and logisticians

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Searching for a niche job board software with cutting edge technology and a high level of usability, we finally found JOBIQO. The solution convinced us from the very beginning. The success of BME-JobSource as niche job board for procurement, supply chaing and logistic shows that our clients also share this feedback.

Jutta Ohrnberger


Founded in 1954, the Association Supply Chain Management, Procurement, and Logistics (BME) is the leading professional association for buyers, supply chain managers, and logistics experts in Germany and continental Europe. The association considers itself a service provider for its members, who come from a variety of branches: industry, retail, public institutions or financial services. More than 9500 members already benefit from BME’s services.

The development of BME’s niche job board,, established an individual platform for job seekers and businesses in material logistics, purchasing, and logistics. Businesses can now advertise their offers purposefully while job seekers find job ads relevant to their field more easily.

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