The Ultimate Conferences Job Board Owners Can't Miss in the Second Half of 2024

The Ultimate Conferences Job Board Owners Can't Miss in the Second Half of 2024

Jobiqo - 1. July 2024
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The year 2024 is flying by so quickly and our Jobiqo team has attended many conferences which we will recommend in the first half of 2025. But for now here are our top picks for the rest of 2024. You can find our event highlights from the events so far in 2024 on our Linkedin company page

A highlight for the whole Jobiqo team: we are honoured to have been awarded “Best Supplier to the Job Board Industry” at the DJAx awards

DJAx Awards Winner Jobiqo 2024 Best Supplier in the Job Board Industry

Jobiqo wins the DJAx Awards in the category "Best Supplier to the Job Board Industry" 

In H2 2024, the conference calendar remains packed with must-attend conferences for existing or aspiring job board owners. The HR and job market industry is buzzing with opportunities to learn, network, and grow. Every year, there's an ever-increasing number of conferences, making it tough to decide which ones are of most value. That is why we have screened them for you!

Here are our Top Picks for the second half of 2024. To make it easier to find the right conference to attend we also added a short description:


BDZV Der Kongress (September 12th, Berlin)

Focus: Newspaper Publishing, Digital Media  

Germany's leading event for newspaper publishers, focusing on digital transformation and innovative media strategies. This congress is recommended particularly for those looking to understand the evolving media landscape and its impact on publisher or newspaper job boards.


Zukunft Personal Europe (September 10-12, Cologne)

Focus: HR Innovation, Talent Management  

Europe's leading expo for the world of work, focusing on HR solutions, recruitment, and employee development. A must-attend for HR professionals and job board owners aiming to enhance their recruitment strategies and meet potential clients.


TATech Europe (September 17-19, Paris)

Focus: Talent Acquisition Technology  

Gather with leaders in talent acquisition and HR technology. This conference provides insights into the latest recruitment technologies and strategies, offering numerous networking opportunities with industry experts.


Media Innovation Week INMA (September 23-27, Helsinki)

Focus: Media Innovation, Digital Strategies  

A dynamic event bringing together media executives to discuss innovation and digital strategy in the news industry. Perfect for job board owners interested in leveraging media trends to boost their platforms.


Job Boards Connect Annual Conference (October 3rd, London) - get a 15% discount on your tickets with our code Jobiqo15

Focus: Job Boards, Recruitment  

The October conference is with keynote speakers, panels and discussions on stage from Job Board leaders and experts. 

The organisers behind the Job Boards Connect Conference, Louise Grant and Louise Triance, are highly respected figures in the online recruitment industry, advocating for the growth and development of job boards and the online recruitment space with extensive careers in the field.

An exclusive gathering of job board professionals, focusing on the recruitment industry's latest trends, technology, and strategies which offers unique networking opportunities and insights from leading experts.


Job Board Connect Live with Jobiqo Head of Product Aurelian Cotuna (October 29th, online, free) - link follows on Linkedin (follow us to be notified)

Focus: Global, recruiting marketplaces and job boards

Join our Head of Product Aurelian Cotuna who will chat with Louise about AI-powered job boards and how AI can be applied to the job board world successfully. 


Digital Marketplaces Association Conference (November 6-8, Berlin)

Focus: Digital Marketplaces, E-commerce  

The Digital Marketplaces Association (DMA) conference provides an intimate and collaborative environment for international leaders in digital marketplaces fostering knowledge exchange, best practice sharing, and networking opportunities among major industry players, startups, and disruptors. It is a great opportunity for job board owners aiming to learn how to improve their online presence, marketing and sales tactics.


Time to save the dates, meet our Jobiqo team at these conferences and chat with our experts! 

Follow us on LinkedIn for our highlights from the upcoming conferences and which must-attend events you should mark your calendar with next year in 2025 (coming soon)! 


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